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Founded in July 2012, our idea to start a graphic design and videography business came about wanting to help small to medium businesses with marketing and promotional needs. Collectively, we have been creating graphic designs and illustrations for up to ten years around the Denver metro area. We have a great passion for artistic designs and offer that same passion to businesses and individuals. We are a small business that is looking to meet budget needs packaged with quality products to promote growth within a business to achieve success.


In 2016, Kindred Focus was started under the parent company of BT Graphics and Video by Brett Bell Jr. The reason in starting Kindred Focus was to focus on providing both portraits & videos strictly to promote the love of family and the lasting moments that it produces at an affordable rate.  Check out Kindred Focus here.



The mission of BT Graphics and Video is to provide marketing and promotional services through advertising/marketing materials and videos. We provide strong, creative, high quality design concepts to promote growth. We strive to become a marketing and promotional partner with our clients through meeting business needs and satisfaction to promote growth and services.

About Us


Brett Bell Jr.

Computer Graphic Designer/Lead Videographer/Photographer


LaToria Bell

Freehand Illustrator/Administrator